We just had a huge week of activism on the Great Ocean Road - join us for the photo diary!

A week in photos: Join us to see Surfriders big week of action against seismic blasting the southern ocean on location in Torquay, Vic! 

If there’s one thing our activism manager loves more than surfing and protecting the ocean, it’s combining surfing, activism AND ice cream all at once - and luckily for her, last week the dream trifecta came together for a paddle out extravaganza in Torquay, Australia! 

We’ll try keep it short so you can enjoy the beautiful images below, but if you’re wondering why we are doing this, the answer is simple: We are supporting Surfriders fight to protect the Southern Sea from fossil fuel exploration - in particular, the world's largest seismic blasting project just off the Great Ocean Road. 

The issue here is that big fossil fuel companies called TGS and Schlumberger want to blast the ocean looking for dirty fossil fuels oil and gas - the problem is, it’s a destructive process and has the potential to really cause damage to the beautiful marine ecosystems, whale songlines and tourism and fishing jobs on the coastlines of Victoria and Tasmania (not to mention we don’t need more fossil fuels in a climate crisis!)...

So how do we send a message to the decision makers? Surfing, activism and ice cream! Enjoy the photos from on the ground this past week:

The campaign is in a critical moment in time with the decision expected to be announced any week. Help keep the pressure on the policy makers who will decide whether this project goes ahead or not: 

  • Take action by sending your letter to your political leader here
  • Want to know more or join the next paddle out? Keep up to date by following Surfrider socials here and check out their website here