Four Chunky Reasons Why Our Fans Were Amazing in 2023!!

Since the early days, Ben & Jerry’s goal has been to use ice cream to change the world, using our platforms to fight for progressive change. And lucky for us, our fans believe in this vision too! 

Like us, you care a whole lot about the future of the ocean and Planet Earth. We want to say a massive thank you for all the actions you took in 2023 - you are our amazing fans who step up and speak out to make the world a more fair, safe and just place for all its inhabitants. 

  1. You sent over 6,000 letters to MP’s, asking them to Save the Southern Sea from seismic blasting plans!

    We launched our biggest activism campaign ever in 2023, partnering with our friends at Surfrider Foundation Australia to raise awareness of the biggest seismic blasting plans the world has EVER seen near the coastlines of Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria. Seismic blasting is the first step in looking for polluting fossil fuels oil & gas, not to mention it’s a really destructive practice for the marine creatures that live in these oceans - including blue whales! 

    If you haven’t had the chance yet to have your say, send a letter to your MP in our letter writing tool on our website - it only takes a minute and will have a huge impact in saving these oceans. You can send your online letter here!

  2. You raised over $100,000 to buy back ancient rainforests in the Daintree - saving them from being cut down!

    Together with our Scoop Stores, you donated, brought cakes, raffle tickets and came to events to help our scoopers raise $100,000 for Half Cut, an amazing group of planet-lovers that use the money to buy back the Daintree rainforest and then hand it back to the Traditional Owners, the the Kuku Yalanji people. Find out more about this inspiring work and the impact you have made here.

  3. You cared about human rights and fairness - helping to educate those around you about why a ‘Yes’ vote meant social justice!

    Earlier this year, Australia voted in the Voice referendum deciding whether we should have a representative body to parliament for First Nations Australians, one that has a say on issues that affect First Nations peoples. In the lead up, we partnered with First Nations campaigners from Write Yes and GetUp to share from a First Nations perspective why having a voice is so important for climate and social justice in Australia. 

    Nearly 1 million people watched the content, and 4,000 of our fans sent these educational posts to their friends and family from Tiktok and Instagram! This is huge - and shows us that you care about truth telling in social justice too. You can learn more about First Nations climate justice and how it’s so closely linked with social justice from our friends at Seedmob or Our Islands Our Home.

  4. You had a blast with Southern Blast on tour

    It’s been an epic 3 months and we’ve been on the road with our friends at Surfrider Foundation Australia since October (!), tripping up the east coast of Australia bringing our tour of the original film, Southern Blast,  to communities and fans interested to learn more about how we can protect our oceans. A whopping 1,500 joined us in person to watch the film, enjoy a cone and learn more about the impacts of seismic blasting our oceans. 

    Did you miss a screening of Southern Blast? The good news is that we are touring again next year! Sign up to the Surfrider Foundation newsletter for screening location and date updates here.

    Thanks again for an incredible year folks!