Ben & Jerry's go Half Cut for the Daintree!



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Have you heard of the incredible Daintree Rainforest in Queensland? It’s the oldest rainforest in the world – it’s so old that it was there BEFORE the continent split up and became Australia!. It’s home to all kinds of rare plants, trees and native animals that only live in the Daintree and it’s fair to say, it’s a really, really special place. 

Forests are one of our best chances to beat the Climate Crisis and heal our planet but 50% of the worlds forest have already been destroyed. The Daintree is one of these old forests that are at risk of further logging and bulldozing. Thankfully, our friends at Half Cut are here to help save the other half!

Half Cut are on a mission to raise funds to buy back the Daintree and then hand it to Traditional Owners to manage. Half Cut had the idea to help raise funds by encouraging Aussies to go ‘half cut’ for the Rainforest, and in doing that, raising funds to buy back the Daintree. The founders Jimmy and Jess have a really cool story of their own – using a half cut beard and half braided head to raise awareness against deforestation. 

Ben & Jerry's have joined in and have started our own Half Cut fundraiser to help buy back the Daintree. We will also be selling our Non-Dairy Unfudge our Future pints for half price in all our Scoop Shops, with 100% of these funds going back to buying back the Daintree. Each purchase will help to buy back one square metre of Lot 505, Cedar Road, Cow Bay Lot in Queensland.


Want to take action? You can! You can either donate here, join the Ben & Jerry’s fundraising team here (or create your own with friends) or pop into participating Scoop Shops or order online to buy an Unfudge our Future pint for half price in August: