Unfudge our Future: Check out our 5 chunkiest campaign moments!


Thank you to everyone who joined us to send a message to our MPs asking them to make fossil fuels history! Together, we sent over 11,000 emails and postcards to key decision makers, hand delivered personalised pints to Scott Morrison, cycled Unfudge our Future billboards around Parliament and overall sent the message loud and clear: Australia wants a fossil free future! 

For anyone wanting an icey refresher, you check out the Unfudge our Future campaign here

We committed to doing everything we could to get our leaders to Unfudge our Future and make fossil fuels history - take a look at some of our chunkiest moments here:


  1. The time we sent 10,000 emails (from you!) to Scott Morrison (Prime Minister), Angus Tayor (Energy Minister) and Josh Frydenberg (Treasurer - AKA Budget man) asking for a clean, resilient and fair future for Australia and for them to follow our recipe for change when investing in our new Federal Budget:

    1. A clean Australia: Investment in a fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy, creating a jobs boom and reducing energy emissions.  

    2. A resilient Australia: Shift tax cuts and subsidies from fossil fuel industries into policies that create a resilient Australia. 

    3. A fair future for all: Listen to and invest in communities who will be most impacted by climate change. 

  2. We also sent over 1,000 postcards sharing the same message that we delivered to Scott Morrison in person in a giant Unfudge our Future pint! We rolled up to Scott Morrison’s Office in the Ben & Jerrys Icecream Moo-bile to make sure he received them! We were so privileged to be joined by the amazing team at 350.org Australia and The Pacific Climate Warrior volunteers who helped us to hand deliver the giant pint of handwritten postcards themselves! 

  3. That time we hand delivered* personalised pints to Scott Morrison (Prime Minister), Angus Tayor (Energy Minister) and Josh Frydenberg (Treasurer - AKA Budget man).

  4. That time we used our stores as giant billboards. Just in case they didn’t get the message from the pints we used our store-fronts too.

  5. That time we biked around parliament with giant billboards. Parliament had returned after the long covid break and we wanted to welcome them back the best way we knew how - nothing says ‘Welcome back, it's time to Unfudge our Future’ quite like people-powered billboards!

Sadly, we didn’t get the Unfudged budget we had hoped for despite the thousands of messages, School Strikes and support for renewable energy from all sectors. Instead of a fast and fair transition to renewables, the government announced heavy investment in the gas industry. This is bad news as gas is a destructive fossil fuel and will not lead to the clean, resilient and fair future we need.

While it's not the budget we hoped for, we are in this fight for the long haul. While we regroup and decide on the next steps in our campaign, join our friends at 350.org Australia and The Climate Council to keep fighting for an Unfudged Future. Together, let’s make fossil fuels history!