Cheers to you, our change making fans! We look back at your impact in 2022

Protesting signs

Wow. 2022 has been a big year for Australia on the climate activism front! Really important things happened that were hard won by incredible people fighting for climate justice - Seedmob fought off Origin fracking in the Northern Territory, Australia got a new Government full of leaders willing to take climate action, and the Torres Strait 8 won their climate case with the UN. 

We love making euphorically delicious ice cream just as much as we love to stand up for climate justice! And while our team and amazing partners in Australia have worked really hard to fight for climate justice, it has been you, our fans, who have helped make the biggest impact of all! 

So pints to you - here is what you have achieved this year... 

 #1 You sent climate deniers packing at the election! 

In May this year, you turned up and voted overwhelmingly for change. Some of you may have only worn Budgie Smugglers, but pants or no pants, you turned up, you voted, and you made history with record numbers of youth voters registration at this election! This election was the biggest win ever for leaders who want to take action on climate, with the most pro climate action MP’s, female MP’s and First Nations MP’s ever being voted into Parliament, making up the most diverse Parliament Australia has ever seen!

We worked closely with our amazing partners Surfrider Foundation Australia to call on our fans and ocean lovers to use your vote to stop offshore oil & gas drilling, and protect our oceans from fossil fools. Over 3,500 fans sent a message from our website to their local MP saying that they wouldn’t vote for an MP who supported drilling for oil & gas in our oceans. We can’t cheat science - we know that we cannot drill for any new fossil fuels if we want to avoid warming the planet beyond 1.5Cº, the temperature we need to keep our planet safe. We need leaders who are willing to stop new fossil fuel projects and rapidly transition to a zero carbon economy - because you showed up, we have new leaders who are championing our beautiful coastlines and forests, and fighting for climate justice! 

#2 You saved a huge area of the oldest Rainforest in the world (saving the homes of lots of species and tackling climate change all at once) 

Together, our scoop stores, Ben & Jerry’s team, and our amazing fans, we helped raise over $60,000 to buy back the Daintree Rainforest and hand back the land to Traditional Owners. If we do the maths, this amounts to a whopping 24,000 square meters of this ancient rainforest saved through our partners and friends at Half Cut! This is huge - we all win when we save biodiverse carbon sinks like the Daintree Rainforest (*which by the way, is the OLDEST rainforest in the world!).

#3 You acted in solidarity with Torres Strait Islanders and let the Government know  urgent climate action cannot wait for frontline communities! 

This year, we were privileged to partner with Our Islands Our Home, Traditional Owners from the Torres Strait who are leading the way for climate justice by taking the Australian Government to court (and winning!) on their inaction on climate (If you haven’t heard the news yet, we recommend reading here about how the Torres Strait 8 won a historic case against the Australian Government for not taking action on climate). We partnered with Our Islands Our Home to raise awareness of how the climate crisis is impacting the Island Homes of Torres Strait Islanders, launching a limited edition pint to raise funds and called on you, our fans to take action and sign the petition! 

Over 6,000 of you signed the petition and sent a strong message to our leaders - the Australian Government must take urgent and serious action on climate for climate justice. If you haven’t signed it yet - there is still time  - you can take action here.

Thank you activists! 

Hoof on heart, we want to say thank you for taking part in activism - using your voice, time and money to help drive a progressive future for Australia is incredibly powerful, and as you can see - people power really does work! It’s because of you that our partners are able to move the needle on things that should matter to us all. 

If you're looking for your next thing to sink your change-making spoon into - you can take action below! 

  1. Saying no to Santos drilling oil & gas in the Pilliga without consent of the Traditional Owners: Take action in solidarity here.
  2. Adding your voice to stop the biggest seismic blasting project in the world, in Southern Sea Country (Covering Tasmania to South Australia): Take action here.
  3. Or, if you have a bit of dough to spare - we recommend getting behind the incredible First Nations led activists at Seedmob