Why buying Fairtrade helps fight for climate justice!

Scale with $ building and a farmer

Have you ever wondered what makes our gooey goodness and euphoric chunks just so … euphoric? We have a not-so secret ingredient – our Fairtrade ingredients. Because our ingredients are Fairtrade, they make a positive difference for people and the planet - it’s a kind of goodness we think you can taste in every bite.

But being extra delicious isn’t the only reason we love Fairtrade. Buying Faitrade is an important way to support climate justice. What do we mean exactly? Let us explain! 

Fairtrade farmers are on the frontline of climate change

By now we’re all familiar with the devastating effects of climate change. We’ve seen it strengthen bushfires, wreak havoc on rainfall patterns, cause devastating heat waves, and so much more. But while climate change affects everyone, it does not affect everyone equally.

Farmers in the global south, like those who produce the ingredients in your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavours, contribute extremely little to climate change, but bear the brunt of its devastation. The solution? Climate justice. 

Climate justice acknowledges that our dependence on fossil fuels has unequally benefited the richest countries, while disproportionately impacting the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world. Those with the lowest carbon footprints are often hardest hit by the effects of climate change. 

This is why we talk about climate justice - because people who have done the least to contribute and have the most to lose, are often the most impacted and have the least resources to cope when impacted. 

How does Fairtrade help fight for climate justice?

Luckily, Fairtrade can help change this! By paying a fair price for food through Fairtrade, we can stand in solidarity with farmers on the frontline of climate change just by choosing to buy Fairtrade products. When you buy Fairtrade, it means farmers can afford to use the funds they get from premiums to better adapt to climate change. Fairtrade farmers are already working to become more resilient to climate change. Fairtrade farmers, producers and workers are already investing the Fairtrade Premium – that’s the extra money they get from sales of Fairtrade certified crops and products – on projects such as tree planting, irrigation, crop diversification and clean energy. 

Together, these make farming sustainable on a local level but also contribute to the global fight against climate change. Fairtrade farmers and workers decide for themselves how the Premium money is spent, because they are in the best place to know what they need to become more resilient to the impacts of the climate crisis. Fair payments allow farmers to stay on their land, use environmentally responsible practices, invest in their communities, and build a hopeful future.

What are we doing?

Ben & Jerry’s is committed to sourcing Fairtrade-certified ingredients wherever we can make an impact on smallholder farmer livelihoods. Our focus is on our five key commodities: sugar, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, and bananas.  We also have opportunities to source Fairtrade-certified nuts. Where possible, we seek to go beyond Fairtrade compliance and support smallholders through programmes to build resilient and responsible businesses that create social, economic, and environmental benefits.

What can I do?

If there was ever an excuse to eat Ben & Jerry’s – here your receipt! And it’s not just Ben & Jerry’s products that are Fairtrade - there are plenty of products out there that have committed to creating a better world by using Fairtrade ingredients. You’d be surprised how many Fairtrade products you can buy - like chocolate, tea, coffee and even coconut milk! You can support farmers and workers on the frontline of climate change every time you buy Fairtrade - 

We have the little blue and green symbol on our pints – take a look next time you're shopping and see what else you can buy Fairtrade. It’s such a small action by us, but it has a real and huge impact of the lives of farmers and the protection of our planet

 You can find out more about our partner Fairtrade here.