3 Reasons why this election was a win for our planet!

Today The Earth is Winning

This month, millions of people across the country turned out and voted overwhelmingly for change. Some only wore budgie smugglers, but you voted, with record numbers of youth voters registration at this election! 

Budgie smugglers or no budgie smugglers, one thing was clear: this election was a win for the planet. Because you showed up, we now have hope that we have elected leaders that will provide strong climate leadership, take action on First Nations justice,and fight for a fairer and more resilient future for all Australians. 

Why are we so hopeful? Let’s dig into the three biggest reasons why climate justice was the biggest winner this election!

# 1 We ALL want to see urgent climate action

This election was the biggest win ever for leaders who want to take action on climate, with the most pro climate action MP’s ever being voted into Parliament! 

No matter what the postcode, votes all over Australia were made for climate justice. From the communities who have borne the brunt of the crisis (like the big floods and bushfires) and were left behind by the government, or from First Nations communities who have been staunchly fighting for climate justice to protect their island homes, against fracking on Country and for cultural heritage protection for decades. Overwhelmingly, we saw that people all over Australia are demanding climate action with their vote. 

# 2 Who Run The World (Girls!)

This election saw a ground-breaking win for women candidates - with seven new independent female MP’s voted into parliament who all want urgent action on climate!

Women’s voices in Parliament are especially important for climate justice - we know that women are vulnerable to bearing the brunt of the climate crisis (because it amplifies inequalities that already affect women), which is why it’s so important that women with strong voices on climate action are represented in parliament.

# 3 First Nations voices 

A record-breaking eight new First Nations representatives have been voted into Parliament, as well as two sitting senators. This makes up the most diverse Parliament Australia has ever seen!

We know that there is no climate justice without social justice. First Nations Australians are the first to feel the impact of the climate crisis, yet have been the longest fighters for climate justice. From fighting fracking in the Northern Territory to demanding action on climate to protect the Torres Strait Islands, First Nations Australians deserve a loud and powerful voice in Parliament. The proposed adoption of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and having more First Nations MP’s are important steps forward on the unstoppable march towards social and climate justice in Australia. 

Now Let’s Cone Together

All of us who share these values must work together to put them into action.

A decade of climate inaction in Australia means we have a lot of catching up to do - but we can do it! We call on the new leaders of Australia to stand on this common ground of climate and First Nations justice and back us in building a just future. We must commit Australia to end extraction and use of fossil fuels, adopt green technologies and systems and adopt First Nations leadership and practices to preserve Country. 

We can show the rest of the world that we can have a safe future and a safe economy by taking urgent action on climate and stopping all further fossil fuel extraction. So many solutions to the climate crisis already exist - now is the time for them to be adopted!

Let’s transform the energy that drove record turnout into a resolve to hold our leaders accountable for creating a safer, fairer and better future for us all. We’ll commit to that. Will you join us?