3 reasons why we need to stop offshore drilling this election!


Did you know that some of our most famous Aussie coastal icons are at risk from drilling for fossil fuels? 

We don’t want to see the Ningaloo Reef or 12 Apostles drilled for fossil fuels, which is why we are calling on our fans to “Vote Out Gas!” this election. Here are the top 3 reasons to use your vote to stop offshore drilling this Federal Election…

1: Drilling makes our oceans & marine life suffer

We wouldn’t want a big drill to turn up to pollute our own home, so we don’t think it’s fair for our marine life in the ocean either. The fact is, drilling for oil & gas offshore puts our oceans and marine life at risk. Exploration and drilling releases toxic pollution into the air and water, interrupts and damages local marine life ecosystems, and threatens the health and safety of coastal communities. 

We know keeping our oceans safe is key to a healthy planet - after all, every second breath we take comes from the ocean! Putting our oceans at risk by drilling for fossil fuels that we just don’t need is not a good idea.

2. Gas is driving the climate crisis

When we burn gas, it’s not just our oceans that suffer. Gas is a fossil fuel and burning fossil fuels is the number one thing that makes the climate crisis worse

By extracting and burning gas, we are making the climate crisis worse and putting our planet at risk. In Australia, famous places like the Great Barrier Reef are threatened by the climate crisis because climate change heats our oceans too much.

And it’s not just the reef that’s threatened by climate change - our way of life in Australia is threatened by the climate crisis. We are seeing more and more extreme weather like floods and bushfires and this will only increase unless we stop burning fossil fuels. This is why we need to make a stand in this election and vote for leaders who will say NO to more gas and invest in renewable energy instead (for the sake of our planet!)

3. We don’t need (or want) more gas

One more time for the people (ahem: politicians) in the back: WE. DON’T. NEED. MORE. FOSSIL FUELS. 

We already have plenty of wind and solar to power us! Instead of wasting public dough on a dying fossil fuel industry, we could be investing in a safer and resilient future with renewable energy! This would provide us with more jobs and more money, giving us a much stronger economy and future security for Australia. Which to us, seems to make a lot more sense than trying to sell dirty fuels that should have been made history a long time ago!

How can my vote change this?

The solutions to the climate crisis have been here all along. We have all the technology we need to ditch fossil fuels for good and become a renewable super power, we just need to vote in leaders who are willing to do it! 

The most important climate election of our lifetime is coming this year. Your voice and your vote are critically important. Help save our icons by pledging to Vote Out Gas this election! Start by checking to see if you're enrolled, and if not - get yourself enrolled here

If you want to know which MP’s are really doing something about stopping fossil fuels, click here for the Vote Earth Now scoreboard that tells us exactly who is trying to end fossil fuels and who is stuck in the fossil ages!