Seabin Project – Cleaner Oceans for a Brighter Future!

We’ve been working behind the scenes in partnership with the Seabin Project and we thought it was time to introduce you to the newest member of the herd – Seabins! 

It may be a fair bet to say that if you live in Australia and you’re reading this, you’re not just an ice cream lover but also an ocean lover too - so we think you’ll be excited about this, just as much as we are!

So…..What exactly is a Seabin? Great question! A Seabin is just as it sounds – a rubbish bin in the sea. It’s a clever piece of tech that uses a pump to draw on the surface of the water, pulling in any plastic or rubbish from the sea into the Seabin, filtering out 60,000L of water a day! Check out the drawing below for a visual explanation of how it all works.


For such a small piece of tech, the impact is pretty mind blowing! Each Seabin has the capacity to haul out a massive 90,000 plastic bags per year, 35,700 disposable cups and lids, 16,500 plastic bottles and 166,500 single use utensils per year. Seabins are especially cool as they help collect data about the rubbish that was collected, which in turn helps to educate and inform how rubbish is getting into our oceans in the first place. Pretty nifty, huh!

We absolutely LOVE the work of Seabins, so much so that we’ve partnered with The Seabin Foundation to put not one but two Seabins into marinas in Manly, Sydney and The Viaduct, Auckland. To celebrate, our Scoop Shop teams spent time with the crew at Seabin, rolling up their sleeves and helping sort and process the data from a Seabin in Manly.

Obviously, we know that rubbish needs to be stopped at the source and not just once it’s in the ocean – so we are working towards 100% plastic free in our stores. We’ve already swapped out plastic straws and spoons, and we are working towards 100% compostable pints and cups. To help, many of our Scoop Shops have lowered the prices of a cone, so that it doesn’t cost any more to do the right thing for the planet! 

People sorting out the garbage

Garbage sorted out

We are really very excited to have our first Seabin in store from the 28th of May, and are working towards a very exciting project to increase the impact of Seabins later in the year. In the meantime learn more about Seabins and the impact they have on ocean protection here!