Gas will Fudge our Future: we don't want gas!

A thermometer exploding

You’ve heard us say it before – if it’s melted, it’s ruined. Same for ice cream, and sure is the same for our planet. 

No one wants a melted planet, but for some reason our Government is planning to spend a tone on public dough on the polluting gas industry, building gas pipelines and opening a huge amount of Australian land to dangerous and polluting fracking. As a dirty fossil fuel, burning gas will only lead to one thing. And by one thing, we mean climate disaster. 

Why is gas so bad when it comes to the planet? Let’s dig into the details together. 

Gas makes climate change worse

Gas is a fossil fuel which means it directly affects climate change. Gas makes climate change worse. Gas is mostly made of methane, a greenhouse gas which is up to 84x more potent than carbon dioxide in the short term. Words like potent are not good news for a planet that needs to cool down in a hurry. 

Gas is expensive

Nobody wants to cough up their hard-earned dough for expensive power – especially when it’s the very thing that is driving climate change. 

Gas is expensive, which is the reason why energy prices have been so expensive across the East Coast of Australia. Luckily for us (and for the planet!), renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy of new energy generation and doesn’t contribute to climate change. 

Gas is a move in the wrong direction

The government is working on gas deals that contribute to the very problem that is making extreme weather events worse. Burning fossil fuels is driving climate change, and climate change is driving our extreme weather events. And we really can’t afford any more extreme weather events. 

Renewable Energy is our Future!

It’s clear: Gas and other fossil fuels have no role to play in building a great economy for Australia’s future. And we shouldn’t wait: future Australia starts right now! We can skip the nasty fossil fuels and head straight to our super-powered solar and wind! Investing in renewable energy can give us all the energy we need, provide a whole lot of new jobs (even more than fossil fuels!) and make lots of dough for our economy when we sell it overseas. 

Spending Government dough on gas isn’t a good idea. Join us here to tell gas to get the fudge out of here!