Good news alert: A renewable revolution has begun!

The world in space

We know that there can be a lot of scary news when it comes to climate. Anyone who has lived in Australia has experienced climate change in action – droughts, floods, bushfires - extreme weather has become more and more common in Australia because of the climate crisis. And extreme weather isn’t just hitting Australia – all over the world, we are seeing unprecedented fires, extreme heat, powerful cyclones and devastating floods that are having a devastating effect on people. 

So what’s the good news?

Now is a good time to remember we have plenty of reasons to feel positive. And one of those big reasons is renewable energy! The good news is that through embracing renewable energy, we can tackle the climate crisis, save on dough and future proof Australia. And we can invest in all of these in the coming 2021 Federal Budget.

How do we Unfudge our future?

Australia’s superpower is literally super-power. Being one of the sunniest and one of the windiest places on planet earth, we have enough sun and wind to not just power the whole of Australia, but also bottle up the wind and sunshine and sell it to countries that aren’t as blessed in the sunshine department. 

Australia could be the next energy superpower, but to do that, we need to adopt 100% renewable energy and now is the time to do it!  This budget, we need to invest in building back better by building the infrastructure to supply renewable energy for all electricity, transport and industry. 

We can start now

We are calling for the 2021 budget to ditch gas, and instead invest that money in renewables – we are ready for them! We just need to embrace them. 

Our best start is to ditch gas and fossil fuels and invest in 100% renewable energy for all of Australia. Ready to take action? Join us at and make your voice heard!