Good News Alert: Climate action will save us dough!


The Cost of Doing Nothing

Have you ever thought about how much it would cost Australia (and the rest of the world!) to not take any action on climate? Well, we now know exactly how much dough we are throwing away by not taking climate action thanks to a new report from our friends at the Climate Council.

Extreme weather has become more and more common because of the climate crisis. And extreme weather isn’t just hitting Australia – all over the world, we are seeing unprecedented fires, extreme heat, powerful cyclones and devastating floods that are having a devastating effect on people. 

But have you ever stopped to think how much these extreme weather events cost us in Australia? The answer is a whopping $35 billion dollars in the last decade, with a new Climate Council report estimating this will increase by a mind boggling $100bn PER YEAR by the year 2038 if we don’t take action!

It’s pretty clear – we can’t afford not to act! It doesn’t make sense that we spend billions of dollars mopping up the effects of climate change when we can get right on with tackling the problem. 


The good news: Climate action = savings!

The good news is that by taking action on climate, we can tackle the climate crisis and save on dough! By building the infrastructure to supply renewable energy for all electricity, transport and industry, we can save dollars while saving our climate! By removing the need for fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil, by the time we reach 2050 we would have saved $90bn. And that’s not taking into account how much dough we would save if we prevent further climate crisis. That’s a whole lot of lifetime supplies of Ben & Jerrys! 


We can start now

We need bold action across all levels of government, business, industry and community to make sure we get our carbon and methane emissions right down to zero as soon as possible. We know how well Australia can do in a crisis when we work together, so let this serve as inspiration for our next big step in climate action.

Our best start is to ditch gas and fossil fuels and invest in 100% renewable energy for all of Australia. Ready to take action? Have your voice heard and sign the petition with our friends at Lock the Gate today!