Say hello to our NEW dough-licious Cookie Dough Chunks!



Hold onto your lids ice cream lovers! 

We’ve just launched something NEW and it’s not just ice cream... In fact, it’s everything but the ice cream and its dough-licious!

Introducing our NEW Cookie Dough Chunks! No more digging those euphoric chunks out of the pint, no more longing for just one more doughy bite. Now when you’re in the mood for dough, nothing will stand in your way with our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks & our Half Baked Chunks! They’re the same euphoric chunks found in your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavours, that we've freed from their pints! So they're just about ready to party!

(Pro tip: You can even sprinkle them over your favourite ice cream flavours to make them even dough-licious-er.)


Get Dough-ing!

Can’t wait to get your hands on your own bag of Cookie Dough Chunks? Dough worries! You can find them exclusively at the below Scoop Shops:





Hurry! These are only available for a limited to one of our selected Scoop Shops to pick up a bag (or two) today!