Quiz: Does Australia need a Climate Change Act?



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Droughts, fires, floods… all in one month. Last summer’s extreme weather showed us just how catastrophic climate change is for Australia and how much we need climate action. This isn’t just important for Australia but for the people all over the world who are already feeling the impacts of a changing climate – especially those who can least afford to deal with the impacts. 

Ben & Jerry’s is part of a wider movement calling for Australian politicians to take urgent and meaningful action on climate. And by action, we mean stop burning fossil fuels for energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and move rapidly towards a sun-filled renewable future.

The new Climate Change Bill 2020 will be introduced into Parliament on 9th November. It is an exciting first step for all of the Australian’s (and there are a lot of them!) who want to see climate action from our Government. 

The Climate Change Bill sets out a framework for four major actions:

 1) Net Zero Emissions by 2050: Net zero means we need to balance the carbon we put into the atmosphere with what we draw down through tree planting and soils – just like balancing a budget.

2) Risk Assessment and Adaption Plans: To protect our communities, we need to assess the risks of rising temperatures, pandemics, worsening bushfires, cyclones and droughts, and implement plans that benefit our economic strength and recovery.

3) Technology Readiness Assessment: With regular reviews of existing and emerging technologies we can monitor and fast track opportunities to get to Net Zero.

4) Independent Advisory Commission: To guide our response to climate change, this body will conduct assessments, track progress, advise the government and report publicly. 

Phew, that’s mouthful of chunky actions! The most important thing to remember is that we need to work quickly to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Is this Bill going to be enough? Good question. We asked our expert friends at The Climate Council who have told us that while it’s a good step in the right direction, we need to be taking bigger lunges – not just steps! While we wait for those big lunges to move away from fossil fuels entirely, this legislation is a great place to start!

Can’t wait another second to get onboard? Add your voice to the ‘Hell Yeahs!’ for the Bill here.  Join us to help make fossil fuels history and unfudge our future!

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