Our Top Tips to Keep Unwanted Hands Off Your Topped Tub!


Hands Off!

We’re all about sharing the love here at Ben & Jerry’s, but when it comes to our latest euphoric creation, Topped, we understand if you'd rather keep the whole tub to yourself. So, in the spirit of indulgence, check out our top tips to keep that chocolatey topping away from your not-so-loved-ones.

  1. Deny Everything

    "What Topped - who said Topped?" This one is all about the confidence.

  2. Quality Control

    You had to eat all of it… just to make sure it’s all super delicious. You’re too kind.

  3. Ben & Jerry's, Not Dave's

    If your name isn’t on the tub, you’re not allowed in.

  4. Technical Difficulties

    There’s only one spoon left. And it’s yours. What a coincidence!

  5. Easy Mistake to Make

    You had no choice. You went to stop, but the tasty chocolate ‘&’s seemed more like an instruction.

  6. Tough Love

    Just because it’s made with love – doesn’t mean you have to share it.

  7. Last Resort

    When there’s no other choice, give in and share half of it… the bottom half. Obviously.