Renewables, not Gas! Why Gas isn’t Australia’s friend


Did you know, gas is a fossil fuel? This means it is bad news for climate change and for the planet. We need to reduce the use of all fossil fuels, including gas, if we want a healthy and thriving Australia. 

With this summer’s extended bushfire season, and the extreme weather being felt across the country, never has the push for climate action been so urgent - we  need to act now. 

There has been a lot of talk recently about gas and natural gas. And while the government has been saying that investing gas is what the economy needs – gas is bad news! 

Why is gas so bad?

Put simply, gas is a fossil fuel, and fossil fuels are bad for climate change, bad for the planet and therefore bad for all of us. In fact, in the short term, gas is more polluting than coal! Gas is mostly made of methane, a greenhouse gas which is initially up to 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide- when it comes to heating up the planet. Want to find out more? Read the Climate Council’s latest report - gas driving climate change.

Before you say anything, we know, methane is also a problem in the dairy industry as it is what cows produce. You can read about everything we are doing to combat this and reduce our own carbon footprint here

The reason we are seeing so much more discussion about gas is that the fossil fuel lobby* (*the groups that make money from selling fossil fuels) are trying to convince the Government and us that gas is what we need. Sadly, this isn’t in the best interests of Australia or the world. 

What’s the solution?

Well the great news is we know exactly what the solution is – renewable energy. And there has never been a better time to invest in clean energy. Wind and solar all provided for in Australia’s amazing climate. Did you know we even have enough to share and could power 20% of Singapore’s energy with one giant sun-fuelled cable: pretty cool! Investing in renewable energy can give us all the energy we need and provide a whole lot of new jobs (even more than fossil fuels!).  

For us, the choice is obvious, gas and other fossil fuels have no role to play in Australia. And we shouldn’t wait: Australia’s clean future can start right now! We can skip more nasty fossil fuels and head straight to our super-powered  renewable future! 

How can we power up renewables?

What are we waiting for? If you are passionate about renewable energy, join us and take action as we call on our leaders to ask for a cleaner, resilient and fairer Australia by making fossil fuels history! Find out how you can take action now at