Chunky Green Innovations Already Happening in Australia


Three of the Coolest Green Things in Australia

Seaweed that sucks up carbon, a gigantic cable transporting solar energy to Singapore and an entirely self-powered town? Yep, therre are some cool and wonderfully green things already happening in the land of Vegemite. Check out some of our favourites. 

Seaweed Farms:

Chilly sea temperatures aren’t the only cool thing about Tasmania.  Tassie has been busy growing an ocean seaweed farm!  Yes – you read that right –  a bunch of very clever people went about creating a seaweed farm and it’s been a roaring success.

So, what is so great about seaweed? Seaweed is not just the fastest growing plant in the world but also a winning solution for the planet. It turns out that kelp and seaweed are nature’s climate warriors.  Not only do they absorb carbon, they also work to counteract the ocean becoming more acidic, reduce biodiversity loss, and they can even provide nutrient rich food for people and livestock.

Researchers estimate that if 9% of the world’s ocean surfaces were used for seaweed farming, we would be removing 53 billion tonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere!  You can find out more in the documentary 2040.

100% Totally Renewable Yackandandah

For a town as loveable as Yackandandah, we expect nothing less from the future thinking locals, but even we have to admit they are knocking it out of the park! In 2014, they got together to work towards the goal of not only powering this small Victorian town with 100% renewable energy, but to achieve energy sovereignty by 2022! This means they are looking to decarbonise the local energy supply by encouraging the uptake of renewable energy; decentralising their energy supply; and democratise their energy systems through community participation, partnership, collaboration and, hopefully one day, ownership. Take a look at this cool clip from 2040 to learn more.

Microgrids like in Yackandandah are the energy solution we want to see more of! Follow along here to be inspired.

Australia’s ‘Sun Cable’

Renewable technology has come a long way since it started, but even we were surprised to hear just how long… like, all the way from Australia to Singapore long! Set to be the world’s largest solar farm, ‘Sun Cable’ in the Northern Territory will generate and store energy from 15,000 hectares of solar panels. As well as feeding into the local grid, a giant underwater cable will tranit will transsport solar power from Australia to Singapore providing Singapore (as well as us) cheaper and fossil fuel free power!

If we look beyond Singapore, imagine how many places we could share our solar and wind energy with – making Australia fossil fuel free and helping other countries all over the world to kick fossil fuels to the curb! 

What’s next?

Australia can be the next renewable energy superpower of the world –  but we need to act now! The Australian Government is building a plan to rebuild the economy and renewable energy helps generate jobs, fuel the economy and protect the planet. Want to join us in doing something about it? Take action now as we call on our leaders to ask for a cleaner, resilient & fairer Australia by making fossil fuels history! Find out how you can take action at