Australia has a super power - it's time to unleash it!


Australia has a superpower – it’s time to unleash it!

Solar energy and wind power don’t necessarily sound like super-hero names, but they are badass super-heroes - they can save the world from climate disaster and kick fossil fuels back to where they belong - all the way back underground. 

Australia’s superpower is literally super-power. Being one of the sunniest and one of the windiest places on planet earth, we have enough sun and wind to not just power the whole of Australia, but also bottle up the wind and sunshine and sell it to countries that aren’t as blessed in the sunshine department. 

Australia could be the next energy superpower, but to do that, we need to adopt 100% renewable energy and now is the time to do it!  

Even if you ignore the part about preventing the worst effects of climate change and stopping unprecedented global disaster, it turns out our super-power is worth lots of dough! Dough comes from selling our energy and zero emissions products like green steel  to the rest of the world. As well as selling our renewable technology and expertise, the expertise we can learn while the rest of world catches up with our speedy advances. 

Not only will it make energy cheaper for everyone (it’s now the cheapest form of new energy even with storage!), it will also make sure that Aussies keep having great jobs into the future. In fact, if we rebuild our economy from renewable energy, it will give us nearly 3 x more jobs than if we rebuild our economy on fossil fuels. 

Right around the globe, the world’s leaders are starting to kick coal and other fossil fuels to the curb, not just for the plant, but for our own health. They are looking for a clean, reliable and affordable energy option that isn’t going to run out, that is going to keep the planet (and our lungs!) happy and heathy. Renewable energy ticks all of those boxes, which is no wonder we are so excited about it. 

Why is gas so bad?

We have said it before and we’ll say it again – gas is bad news. Put simply, it is a fossil fuel that is driving worsening climate change. In fact, in the short term, gas is often more damaging than coal! The only reason we are seeing more of gas is that coal is no longer cool, so the fossil fuel lobby* (*the groups that benefit from selling fossil fuels) has moved onto trying to convince the Government and us that gas is the solution. Which we know it’s not. 

But get this – we DON’T NEED A TRANSITION FUEL! You know already renewable energy can give us all the energy we need, and we can even sell it overseas. We can skip the nasty fossil fuels and head straight to our super-power! It’s clear: Gas and other fossil fuels have no role to play in building a prosperous and resilient economy for Australia’s future. Renewables can make sure we have cheaper energy, more jobs, and exports to sell overseas we can be really proud of. Dough aside, it’s also crucial if we are going to save planet earth from impending climate disaster. Kinda a biggy! 

What are we waiting for? Places like Queensland can’t wait, now we just need the Federal Government to get onboard! If you are passionate about renewable energy, take action with our friends at 350 Australia and Climate Council in calling for a renewables led recovery and let’s unleash our superpower!