School Strike 4 Climate is BACK- Join us!


School Strikes 4 Climate is BACK! Join us!

On May 15,  the supporters of School Strike 4 Climate are showing the rest of the world how it’s done and, hosting an interactive livestream to call on our leaders to demand a climate-positive recovery. The goal? To collectively create a vision for the future, and talk about the things we need to stop and the things we need to get started on to set us in the right direction. Everyone has been asked to stand with them. We will be there. Can we count you in too?  

What kind of future do we want?

At a time like this, we are all need a little positivity. And when we think about something positive, we think of the future, because there is so much to look forward to. Summery days at the beach with friends being one of them. 

But if we are going to have a future that is healthy, secure and good for everyone, then we need a future that is healthy for the planet. And Australia has a really important part to play right now in unfudging the future for us all.

As we come out of restrictions, a lot of dough is going to be spent by our Government to reboot our economy. And this reboot is super important – in fact, there has never been a more important time to spend this dough wisely! 

We are at the most critical time when it comes to climate change: if we stop our fossil fuel burning and carbon emissions right now, our future can be unfudged. To do this, we need to keep coal and gas in the ground and work towards 100% renewable energy, and transport and food production systems that use less fossil fuels. We have the technology and, Australian’s want a greener future - we just need our Government to press GO. 

Unfortunately, our Government are looking to gas (yep, the carbon emitting fossil fuel) when we actually need renewable energy. The good news is – gas doesn’t need to be our future: the technology and the option to choose an unfudged future is possible, we just need to decide to! 

Why is it important I am there too? 

This School Strike 4 Climate is important as the Government really needs to hear loud and clear what Australian’s want right now.  – We don’t want a future of gas, fossil fuels and more carbon emissions. Instead, the Government can unfudge our future by investing the public’s dough in a cleaner and fairer future. School Strike 4 Climate nailed it when they said we can’t afford to leave behind millions of people and protect mining companies and fossil fuel projects which threaten our future. We can do much better than that! 

On Friday 15 May, together we can create a vision for the future we need, one that leaves no one behind. It’s never been so mission critical to make sure our politicians hear our message loud and clear. You are an important voice in getting that message across and are needed on 15 May. Ready to join? We knew it! Register here and we will see you on the 15th!