10 Reasons Staying in Beats Going Out

April 4, 2019


We know how it goes: Some nights your city’s night life draws you in for an evening of fun and adventure, and other nights a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and your remote sound like the only entertainment you need. Sure, hitting the club can be fun, but hitting a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie is a whole new level of wow. And now that you can get ice cream delivered right to your house in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, nights in are even more alluring.

But in case you need another reason to stay in and have some quality time with your favourite ice cream flavour, here are 10 (and if you’re already on Team Staying In, order your favourite ice cream flavours for delivery now ):

  1. It Could Save Your Life

    Because falling down open and unattended manholes doesn’t happen in your kitchen, now does it? Getting ice cream delivery to your home allows you to remain safe and sound.

  2. You're Just a Click Away From Everything You Need

    It’s truly mind-boggling what you can do with an internet connection and a smartphone these days. Like order all your favourite ice cream flavours for home delivery from UberEATS , Deliveroo or Menulog!

  3. You'll Save Money

    Saving cash is always a smart move. Petrol money, bus fares, cover charges, it all adds up. Order yourself a pint of ice cream for home delivery and keep your costs minimal.

  4. It's Darn Comfortable

    Do you think the comfort of a movie, your couch, and a pint of Phish Food can be replicated anywhere outside your living room? No, it certainly cannot. And what’s even better? Getting that Phish Food delivered right to your door, so you don’t even need to put your shoes on.

  5. You're Living Your Best Life Already, Thank You Very Much

    Who says you need to go out to live your best life? You’re living your best life right at home, with a good movie and the good sense to get your Ben & Jerry’s pints delivered instead of going out for them.

  6. You've Got Work to Do

    Pull off that all-nighter without ever leaving the comfort of your house. Not to worry, ice cream delivery is on the way. It’s brain food, after all.

  7. You've Got 3 More Episodes

    Who can stop watching when you’re so close to finishing the latest season?! No one, that’s who. Plus, binge-watching your favourite shows is practically what ice cream delivery was made for.

  8. Your Pets Will Thank You

    Your dog/cat/fish/hamster/guinea pig is lonely. Give them a good snuggle (well, maybe not the fish) while you order pints of your favourite ice cream flavours for easy at-home delivery from UberEATS, Deliveroo or Menulog!

  9. You Need Some "Me" Time

    Because sometimes we need to be left alone with the voices in our own heads for a minute. Preferably the ones that whisper, "just one more spoonful."

  10. You're Free to Be You

    Only from the comfort of your own home can you confidently stride out into the middle of the living room, singing into your spoon with unapologetic fervor while the UberEATS, Deliveroo or Menulog delivery person arrives at your door with a perfectly frozen pint of Half Baked just for you. A furniture audience never judges, a human one does.