Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy:
It’s Vegan, Too!

January 5, 2017

Ben & Jerry's - Vegan Ice Cream - Non Dairy Ice Cream

We know; you’re hungry for non-dairy Ben & Jerry's, and have been for a while now. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t keep a lid on the now not-so-secret secret that yes, finally, we are going to be launching dairy-free flavours! Why is it taking so long, you wonder? Simply because we want our ice cream to be the best ever, and when you’re doing something new, that means a lot of, ahem, testing. If you read this far, you probably knew all this already.

But don’t worry, we’re not coming to you empty-handed— the newest news is that our new Non-Dairy line will also be 100% vegan! Certified by the folks at Vegan Action, no less. This means that it will include no animal products of any kind, including eggs, dairy or honey. Vegans, rejoice!

We’re pretty excited to taste what the Flavour Gurus have been up to as well, so keep checking back for updates and details on when these Non-Dairy flavours will be coming to a freezer near you.