Love Wins! The Australian government makes Marriage Equality law!

Today marks a tremendous win for all Australians who believe in love and equality. 

7 December, 2017

Today marks a tremendous win for all Australians who believe in love and equality. With the government’s decision, loving couples, whatever their gender, are now free to marry! It’s a history-making decision on an issue that has divided our nation for far too long, and we couldn’t be happier for our friends and family in the LGBTIQ community.

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Love is Love!

It’s been a long and challenging battle for the Australian LGBTIQ community, but today we can celebrate that love has won. Just a few hours ago parliament passed the legislation to make marriage equality fair, just and legal. In an open vote in the House of Representatives, the majority of MPs voted in favor and the bill passed.

We said yes to marriage equality. And you did too! Over the last couple of months, you got your friends and family to vote and put pressure on our MPs to work for marriage for all. And from today, it is a reality - there is marriage equality in Australia! We thank you, because without your efforts to show your support and vote it would (most likely) not have happened!

What does this mean for Australia now?

Marriage equality is law and we can all now celebrate this victory. But this win doesn’t come lightly, with surveys showing that the postal vote led to a doubling in reported assaults. While we celebrate, we should keep in mind that there is still a journey ahead of us to ensure that our LGBTIQ friends don’t face discrimination. 

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