Ben & Jerry’s Fans give Australian MPs food for thought as fight for marriage equality continues

9 June, 2017

Australian marriage equality supporters can still take action here.

With politicians set to head back to Canberra after the long weekend, we are delivering on our mission to fight for marriage equality in Australia. Our scoop shops have installed their own post boxes to make it easy for all of you to take action! These post cards include a message (from you!) to the local MP in support of marriage equality ahead of the next Parliamentary session on 13 June - which is just next week.


Last month, we took a stand and banned the sale of same flavour scoops as a way to shine a spotlight on the need to extend marriage rights to same sex couples. Since the ban came into effect, thousands of people in Australia and around the world have joined us in showing their support for marriage equality in Australia – even celebrities like Ashton Kutcher have added their voice to the thousands around the world fighting for equal love for everyone!

Imogen Rugg, our Australian spokesperson stated, “We’ve made it easy for Australians to take action, by sending a message to MPs and urging them to make marriage equality a reality when they return to Canberra.”


“We have been overwhelmed by the level of support for our campaign internationally and here in Australia. If you haven’t or can’t send a postcard, make sure you have your say – the fight for marriage equality won't stop until same sex couples are extended the same civil rights as heterosexual couples”.

Australian marriage equality supporters can still take action online and it will be delivered directly to MPs through the Equality Campaign’s website here.