These Were the Top 4 Ben & Jerry's Flavours in 2016

1 March 2017

Want to know if you're one to follow the crowd or dance to the beat of your own drum? Check out where your favourite flavour falls on 2016's top 4 list. 

  1. 4. Karamel Sutra

    What did we tell you? Another caramel creation, this flavour's a sure winner for the core lovers out there.

  2. 3. Phish Food

    At a pretty impressive number three, Phish Food has a place in the hearts and freezers of many, many a devoted Ben & Jerry's fan. Whether you play it as a solo or duet, it's always a show stopper.

  3. 2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. What's not to love? We can't say we're surprised that this favourite has hovered in our top 5 for quite some time.

  4. 1. Cookie Dough

    What can we say, some flavours are just born to be winners. This doughy classic was anonymously suggested by a fan in 1984 - all we can say is, thank you, sweet ice cream lover.

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