What is fair and what isn't?

August 16, 2016

  • We’ve all encountered unfair situations in life, whether it’s your sibling getting more ice cream, your bestie buying that jumper you’ve had your eye on, or spilling coffee down your shirt before that big job interview.

    On a small scale, these situations will dampen your spirits, bring you down, and ruin your day (that’s where a good ol’ pint of Ben & Jerry’s can lift your spirits)! However that’s where, for many of us, it stops.

    But what if this unfairness was ingrained into your everyday life? What if it affected your livelihood and ability to support yourself and your family? This is the situation many famers face everyday. World-wide fair trade is something we talk about, but we are still a long way off.

    So, let’s think about how that unfairness feels, channel it and band together to fight for fairness across the globe by supporting Fairtrade. But what does Fairtrade really mean?

  • 1. When you’re working in a team but just one person gets all the credit? Totally unfair!

    Teamwork - we love it But if someone else takes credit for your work you’ll be reaching for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. In a one off situation that is the worst. But imagine instead of taking credit for your work a middle man simply took a cut of your paycheck? That’s not fair!

    We don’t agree with unfair situations, which is why when you buy Ben & Jerry’s you’re supporting Fairtrade! This means that farmers everywhere get paid a fair price for their harvest in order for them to thrive. 

  • 2. When you’re chosen last for long jump because you’re not blessed with long legs. Completely out of your control!

    It’s not like you decided to only grow to a shortie instead of a pint! We know, you were born this way, but you’ll be grabbing your spoon when no-one wants you on their team.

  • 3. You get the ice cream out of the freezer and you’re ready to watch a movie, only to open the pint and it’s empty! Not cool!

    It’s really frustrating. Fairtrade farmers use environmentally sound practices so you know for sure that, unlike your ice cream the beautiful environment they live and work in will not be ruined.

    The truth is that it’s a stunningly beautiful and terrifically complicated world out there, full of big challenges and big opportunities.  But "bigness" doesn't equal fairness. Fairtrade helps us consider what really matters. Sure, it was a complex undertaking, but ensuring that all the good stuff that goes into our flavors is Fairtrade Certified makes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream taste all the sweeter. 

  • Supporting Fairtrade, ensuring everyone gets their fair share of the pie!