Springtime Faves

September 24, 2016

  • Spring is upon us and we are super excited!

    It’s finally time to throw our winter woollies to the back of the cupboard and get amongst the great outdoors. Why? Because spring is an amazing time of the year for so many reasons here in Oz. Magpie swooping aside (yes, the fear is real), here are just a few things we love at this time of year…

  • No shoes!

    Here at Ben & Jerry’s we like the simple things in life, after all we are a business built by two hippies from the hippiest USA town - Burlington, Vermont. How does this relate to spring you may ask? Well we can finally kick our shoes off and venture out in public. Spring is the perfect time to relish in a little hippie footwear, when the pavement no longer has an icy crust or doesn’t cook your feet. And let’s face it, Aussies do no shoes better than anyone. Enjoy the freedom! 

  • It’s Camping Season

    Now that hibernation is over, the best way to celebrate is by heading out into the big wide wilderness with your mates or maybe even your latest romantic interest...we won’t judge!

    It might be a little unpredictable with temperatures all over the place and some unexpected Spring rain but we think that’s half the fun. Plus, it’s not so cold that you need thermals and not so hot that your tent turns into an actual hot house. Winning!

  • Cones

    Unless you live in the unpredictable south, gone are the days of cosying up under a doona with your tub of Ben & Jerry’s… Now that the sun is shining, why not enjoy a leisurely stroll with a cone in hand instead? However you enjoy yours (waffle, choc dipped, 100’s & 1000’s coated), the cone is back and it’s about to make its Spring debut – so get licking ice cream lovers!

  • Day Drinking

    It’s back and it’s here to stay - kicking off with the Footy Finals weekend and Spring Racing carnival. Why do we love day drinking so much? Well, you can be in bed by 7pm meaning there’s less chance of waking up with one of those hangovers where you can’t move and really, what’s your excuse when the days are this long (thanks daylight savings)! So, whether you’re keeping it chilled at a BBQ or heading to your local hot spot for a more upbeat Sunday sesh, raise your pints (ice cream pints accepted).

  • Florals Take Over

    As Miranda Priestly once said ‘Florals… for Spring? How groundbreaking’. And while it speaks to being unoriginal, florals are certainly taking over. From fashion to Instagram feeds full of flowers, so many colours and daisies are sure to make you smile. 

    What is it about Spring that takes you to your happy place? Can a pint of Ben & Jerry’s enhance that moment? We think so. Share your thoughts!