5 Reasons to Support Marriage Equality, Not a Plebiscite

August 29, 2016


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Support for Marriage Equality in Australia has hit record highs, but the plebiscite - a fancy word for a public vote - proposed by the government won't just be expensive, it will be harmful, divisive, and pointless. Join us to say YES to love, YES to equality, and NO to the plebiscite!

At Ben & Jerry’s we love love, and we think most Australians do too. More Australians than ever before believe everyone should have the right to love who they love – and marry them too, if that's what makes you happy.

Almost two dozen countries around the world have already made Marriage Equality law. Most of these never held a public vote. They let elected lawmakers do their job – and they made a law for a more just and fair society. We believe Australia doesn't need a plebiscite either: with public support at over 70%, same-sex marriage should have been a done deal years ago.

At Ben and Jerry's, we have been saying “I dough” to marriage equality for years. But when it comes to the plebiscite, we say “I doughn’t”. Here are five reasons why:

We Already Know the Outcome

The results of countless opinion polls speak for themselves. The vast majority of Australians believe marriage is for everyone – and support is ballooning. There's simply no need for a public vote to find out what we all already know.

It Will Hurt LGBT People

A plebiscite will lead to months of campaigning – from both the 'No' camp as well as the 'Yes'. This means LGBT Australians will be exposed to hurtful and homophobic campaigns. It won't change the result, but it will cause emotional damage, as fear campaigns and social exclusion can harm mental health of an already persecuted community.

It Will Cost Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

If the plebiscite goes ahead, the government will spend $160 million of taxpayer money to confirm what every opinion poll has shown to be true. But that might not be all, the plebiscite could cost the economy over $500 million. What a waste!

It's Not Even Legally Binding!

If the plebiscite goes ahead, the result will not be legally binding. Once the results are in, Parliament still needs to vote on whether to change the law to align with public opinion. Instead, Parliament could go straight to a vote this year, without the trouble and expense of a plebiscite. Sounds simple right?!

It's Just a Delaying Tactic

The plebiscite is a delay tactic being proposed by those who oppose Marriage Equality. It avoids letting Parliament vote freely on the issue right away, and delays LGBT couples from getting the opportunity to have their love legally recognized.

However, it's still not too late to stop the plebiscite. Join us and make sure your voice is heard!

Let’s Make An Impact

Our friends at PFLAG have set up a website, makeitlaw.com.au that lets you email your MP and senators and ask them to block the plebiscite. Head on over – and help every Australian, everywhere, be free to love who they love.