Greyston Bakery: Great Baked Goods with a Greater-Good Mission

The brownies we use in our ice cream come from New York’s Greyston Bakery, where producing great baked goods is part of their greater-good mission to provide jobs and training to low-income city residents.

Paul Daniels


Baker, packing room

Time at Greyston:  

2.25 years

Greyston is a movement. They’ve been here for over 30 years. It’s cool to give back to the community. I believe they care and they help people to strive to be better.

I’m a resident of Yonkers, so I’ve always known about Greyston. After I got incarcerated, I came down here and I wanted to change my life. I appreciate that they gave me a chance before anyone else did, so I give them 110%.

If you stay out of trouble, there are all kinds of opportunities for you. Before, I was in the life, I was selling drugs. I didn’t know that were all kinds of the opportunities that I’ve got now. I changed. I educated myself, and wanted to become a citizen and stop selling drugs. I wanted to be here for my family, for my kids.

I inspire a lot of people on the streets, because they used to know me when I was out there dealing drugs. So if I can have a job where I get here on time, leave on time, and work hard, then it inspires people out there. I love the feeling of being a role model. I want to stay this way. A lot of people can see that I can do it, so they feel like they can do it.

It’s a total change, but you have to want it. It just don’t happen overnight.