What’s the best part about
working at Ben & Jerry’s?
(besides the 3 pints per day)

One of the best perks of working at Ben & Jerry’s is the 3 pints of ice cream employees get to take home…per day!! But that’s not the only reason it’s great to work at Ben & Jerry’s.

  1. The infamous flavor naming!

    I love that I get a chance to potentially come up with the name of a new flavor, and thus have bragging rights to such an impressive feat.  Haven’t done it yet…. but I am working on it!

    –Ed Peistrup,
    Associate Brand Manager- Scoop Shop Innovation

  2. The three part mission statement is living and breathing in everything we do.

     It was known from the start that transitioning to non-GMO sourced ingredients would cost the company money, and the decision was made that it would not be passed on to consumers. Rather than hold up the process, it made it so much more important to push sourcing in this direction because it was the right thing to do.  

    –David “Fitz” Fitzgerald,
    Manufacturing Supervisor

  3. Creating positive change in the world.

    I love the fact that I work at a place that truly challenges us and expects us to contribute every day to building a successful business that creates positive change in the world by the way we do business in the world.

    – Rob Michalak,
    Director of Social Mission

  4. Everyone is jealous of my job…

    I mean, how many people get to say they make the world’s best ice cream for a living? And, come on, name one person that DOESN’T like Ben & Jerry’s? 

    – Lisa Makar,
    Manufacturing Excellence Manager

  5. Dogs in the office.

    There’s nothing like petting something furry to bring down the blood pressure.

    –Lisa Wernhoff,
    Keeper O’Stuff


  6. We bring joy to people.

    From the excitement people have for our new flavors, to the delight we see on thousands of people’s face on Free Cone Day, to the difference we make in the world by sourcing Fairtrade Certified ingredients and buying our brownies from Greyston Bakery – we do good and we bring joy. 

    – Leslie Arroyo,
    Operations Consultant

  7. Feeling the love.

    My favorite part about working here is that when I tell people where I work, they immediately smile and then tell me their favorite flavor and how that flavor has gotten them through so many things in life. And then they talk to me about what a cool company it is.

    –Melissa Bland,
    Executive Assistant to CEO


  8. This is work??

    Working? It doesn't feel like work when you love what you do! I love designing the tubs, and writing about the flavor on the back of it. Walking down the freezer aisle, seeing people pick up a tub of Ben & Jerry's and smiling makes me smile every time.

    – Steph Miles,
    Dairy Poppins / Design & Digital Creation Manager, United Kingdom

  9. It's the people that matter most.

    Working for a company that values giving back, and values its employees for their differences and diversity are just a few reasons I love working for Ben & Jerry’s, but there are many more!

    –Luke Desmond,
    Logistics Front-Line Manager

  10. Proud to make the most delicious ice cream

    I am proud to make the most delicious ice cream, day in & day out, so that the whole of Europe is able to enjoy it.

    -Richard van den Broek
    Technical Operator Hellendoorn